iV&L Net COST Action IC1307

The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language: Combining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search, Retrieval, Annotation and Description of Visual Data (2014-2017)

The explosive growth of visual and textual data (both on the World Wide Web and held in private repositories by diverse institutions and companies) has led to urgent requirements in terms of search, processing and […]

PRAGMATA TIN2012-39051

Developing Visual Hermeneutics for Image Understanding (2013-2015)

Despite recent and important advances in the field of Computer Vision, the task of detecting arbitrary objects and humans together with their interactions in images is still far from being solved. Given an image (or an image sequence) of an action, automatic generation of semantic labels describing the objects involved in it […]

DiCoMa ITEA2 TSI-020400-2011-55

DIsaster COntrol MAnagement (2011-2014)

In recent years, the world has seen some dramatic disasters, both natural and manmade. Some spectacular examples include the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in the same year, the terrorist attacks in Madrid (2004), London (2005), and Mumbai (2007), most recently, the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile (2010) and Japan (2011). Disasters such as […]

ERINYES TIN2009-14501-C02

Epistemological Reasoning for the Interpretation of coNtext and securitY Events for Surveillance (2010-2012)

This proposal describes the ERINYES project which aims to facilitate automatic, high-level and semantically meaningful interpretations of scenes in surveillance video. The focus of the ERINYES approach is on the interrelated cognitive topics that are required for content-based access to video in repositories of surveillance footage. These […]


Multimodal Interaction in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (2007-2012)

Social and industrial demands for Multimodal Interactive (MI) technologies and advanced man-machine interfaces are increasing dramatically. Pattern Recognition (PR) and Computer Vision (CV) play a highly relevant role of in the development of these MI technologies and interfaces. However, traditional PR and CV technologies have mainly focused on full automation, […]

ViCoMo ITEA2 TSI-020400-2009-133

Visual Context Modelling to improve security and logistics monitoring (2009-2012)

The ViCoMo project is developing advanced video-interpretation algorithms to enhance images acquired with multiple camera systems. By modelling the context in which such systems are used, ViCoMo will significantly improve the intelligence of visual systems and enable recognition of the behaviour of persons, objects and events in a 3D view. […]


Interactive Semantic Video Search with a Large Thesaurus of Machine-Learned Audio-Visual Concepts (2007-2010)

Video is vital to society and economy. It plays a key role in the news, cultural heritage documentaries and surveillance, and it will soon be the natural form of communication for the Internet and mobile phones. Digital video will bring more formats and opportunities and it […]



Human-expressive representations of motion and their evaluation in sequences (2006-2009)

HERMES concentrates on how to extract descriptions of human behaviour from videos in a restricted discourse domain, such as (i) pedestrians crossing inner-city roads and pedestrians approaching or waiting at stops of busses or trams, and (ii) humans in indoor worlds like an airport hall, a train station, or […]